Tyler Candle Company -  Glamorous Wash 128oz/1 Gallon

Tyler Candle Company - Glamorous Wash 128oz/1 Gallon

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If you love Tyler Candle Co. fragrances, the Tyler Glamorous Wash will let you enjoy your favorite scents throughout the day and night. The smaller 4oz Glamorous Wash is perfect for travel and sampling new Tyler scents. The Tyler detergent has been formulated to clean effectively yet remain gentle on delicate, specialty fabrics.

Use the Glamorous Wash to clean your linens, lingerie, fine fabrics, and much more for the long lasting, soothing aroma of Tyler fragrances. The wash can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. Tyler Glamorous Washes are all high efficiency washer compatable.

Size: 128oz. / 1 Gallon