McIntire Room Spray

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Title: Bunkhouse Coffee

Sku: 81430934BNK

McIntire Room Spray

Scent Descriptions:

Saddle Shop: Like walking into our Saddle Shop - Old & New Leather.

Leather: The truest, clean smelling leather scent we could find.

Leather & Lace: Our favorite leather with just the right  touch of vanilla.

Western Romance: A floral bouquet with a twist of citrus.

Cattleman: The aroma of a clean showered man.

Mattie Rose: A feisty citrus, cinnamon blend - Like a cowgirl.

Cinnamon Leather: Warm blend of cinnamon of leather.

Moonshine: Like a homemade stiff coconut drink.

Maggie Pearl: Sweet strawberries & cream - Like a farmers' daughter.

Prairie Sun: A sunny, crisp & fruity orange blend.

Gunsight: Our local favorite of cinnamon, vanilla & leather.

Lone Ranger: Like a sharp dressed man.

White Lightnin': A fresh summer pineapple with a splash of coconut.

Sale Barn: Take a walk down memory lane with Granddad.