Katy Fults - I Thought I'd Have It All Figured Out by Now: A 31-day Journey to Rediscovering God

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A 31-day devotional that invites readers to dig deeper into the truth of who God is.
On sunny days, we feel like we know who God is. We tell others about Him. We sing His praises. But when the darkness closes in—and our world gets scarier by the moment—we may start wondering if we really know the truth about Him. That is the place where I Thought I'd Have It All Figured Out by Now: A 31-Day Journey to Rediscovering God meets readers… in the midst of the mind-numbing, the confusing, and the “which-way-is-up” moments in life. It’s often when we get blindsided that we’re invited to experience a greater revelation of God—one that can change us forever. This beautifully illustrated, month-long art devotional will guide readers from fear to awe as they rediscover the true Author of their faith.

About Katy Fults:
Katy Fults is a self-taught hand letterer who is well-known for her beautifully drawn, affirming messages of God's hope, joy, and unconditional love. With her ever-growing social media following and her thriving Katygirl Designs online business, Katy's original style can also be found in her prints, cards, and calendars available in retailers across the United States. She lives with her husband, Scott, and two beautiful children, Miles and Camden, in Bakersfield, California.