Holley Gerth - Today And Always, This Is True, God Loves You

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A cuddly lift-the-flap book to teach little ones about God's unfailing love for them...not just for today, but for every day and the rest of their lives. The very first children's book by bestselling author Holley Gerth, Today and Always, This is True is perfect for bedtime snuggles. With beautiful illustrations by Alisa Hipp and fun-to-read rhymes by Holley Gerth, big bear and baby bear play a hide-and-seek game while learning how much God truly loves every little detail about His children - even down to their ears, nose, and toes.

Today and Always, This is True, God Loves You
Holley Gerth
Illustrated by Alisa Hipp

Product Specifications:

  • Holley Gerth children's book
  • Lift the Flap Board Book
  • Features:
  • Four color interior
  • Size: 7" x 7"